Suzuki GSX-8R Price in Bangladesh: Detailed Review and Analysis for 2024

The Suzuki GSX-8R is an exciting new middleweight sportbike that has caught the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts in Bangladesh. This performance-oriented motorcycle brings Suzuki’s racing heritage to the streets in a more affordable and rideable package compared to litre-class superbikes.

In this detailed article, we will analyze the Suzuki GSX-8R price in Bangladesh, availability, features, performance, and ownership experience to help you make an informed decision.

An Overview of Suzuki GSX-8R for the Bangladesh Market

The Suzuki GSX-8R is a middleweight sportbike launched globally by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki in 2024. While it is not officially available through Suzuki showrooms currently, there is high demand from Bangladeshi bike enthusiasts to get their hands on this exciting new model.

Key highlights of the Suzuki GSX-8R relevant for buyers in Bangladesh:

  • Powered by a 776cc, liquid-cooled parallel twin engine producing 83 hp and 77 Nm
  • Lightweight chassis with sporty geometry and responsive handling
  • Packed with advanced electronics like traction control, riding modes, quick shifter
  • Supersport styling and ergonomics inspired by Suzuki’s legendary GSX-R models
  • Expected to offer good fuel efficiency along with strong performance

Though this motorcycle is relatively new in the global market, let’s take a deeper look at what makes the GSX-8R an enticing choice in the Bangladeshi context.

Detailed Specifications of Suzuki GSX-8R

Here are the detailed specifications and features that make the Suzuki GSX-8R stand out:


  • 776cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC Parallel-Twin
  • 270° crank with unique firing order for strong low-mid range
  • Electronic fuel injection, Suzuki dual throttle valves
  • 6-speed constant mesh transmission

Power & Performance

  • Maximum Power: 83 hp @ 9,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 77 Nm @ 6,800 rpm
  • Top Speed: 200 kmph (estimated)
  • 0-100 kmph: Under 4 seconds (estimated)

Chassis and Dimensions

  • Tubular steel frame with sporty geometry
  • Wheelbase: 1,450 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 130 mm
  • Seat Height: 810 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 19 litres

Brakes and Suspension

  • Front Brakes: Dual 310 mm discs with radial 4-piston calipers
  • Rear Brake: Single 220 mm disc with 1-piston caliper
  • Front Suspension: 43 mm inverted telescopic forks
  • Rear Suspension: Link-type suspension with adjustable preload


  • Kerb Weight: 419 lbs or 190 kg


  • Front Tyre: 120/70 ZR17 M/C
  • Rear Tyre: 180/55 ZR17 M/C


  • LED headlight, tail light, and turn signals
  • Full LCD instrument cluster with gear position indicator
  • Suzuki Easy Start and Low RPM Assist

Performance and Handling Dynamics of Suzuki GSX-8R

The Suzuki GSX-8R promises to deliver a sporty yet comfortable ride experience suitable for daily use as well as weekend fun. Here are some key aspects of its performance:

  • The parallel twin 776cc engine offers strong low-end and mid-range torque, allowing quick acceleration even at low RPMs – a distinct advantage in city riding conditions.
  • The DOHC setup with four valves per cylinder revs freely to 9,500 rpm where max power is produced. This gives it an enjoyable top-end rush on open roads.
  • Advanced fuel injection and specially designed intake system result in smooth and linear power delivery across the rev range.
  • The slick-shifting 6-speed gearbox enables tapping the engine’s full performance potential.
  • The lightweight chassis and capable suspension setup lead to nimble handling and responsiveness when changing direction.
  • Radial-mount brake calipers offer strong stopping power and feel. ABS is available as an option for added safety.
  • Dunlop Sportmax tyres specially developed for this bike provide excellent grip through corners.

Overall, the GSX-8R promises everyday versatility paired with true supersport performance – making it a compelling option for riding enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Key Features of Suzuki GSX-8R

Here are some of the standout features that make the Suzuki GSX-8R well-equipped for real world riding:

  • Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS): Includes features like Traction Control, Bidirectional Quickshifter, Easy Start and Low RPM Assist.
  • LED lighting: Modern and bright LED headlight, tail light, and turn signals for excellent visibility.
  • Full LCD instrument cluster: Large LCD panel with gear position indicator, tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.
  • Aerodynamic fairing design: Aggressive supersport styling based on Suzuki’s MotoGP machines. Better airflow management.
  • Enhanced ergonomics: Relatively upright and spacious rider triangle compared to full-on superbikes. Reduced fatigue.
  • Petal-type brake discs: 310mm dual front discs and radial-mount calipers for potent braking performance.
  • 3 riding modes: Users can select between A, B, and C modes to alter the motorcycle’s throttle response and power delivery.

The GSX-8R offers the perfect blend of performance, electronics, and ergonomics – making it an exciting yet practical motorcycle.

Expected Suzuki GSX-8R Price in Bangladesh

Though the Suzuki GSX-8R is not officially launched in Bangladesh yet, we can look at pricing details from the international market to derive an estimated price range:

In the Indian market, the Suzuki GSX-8R is available in a single variant priced at ₹7.45 lakh ex-showroom.

Accounting for import costs, registration, and taxes in Bangladesh, the on-road price of Suzuki GSX-8R is expected to be around 15-20 lakh BDT.

This positions it as a premium middleweight offering targeting performance enthusiasts. Competing models like Yamaha MT-07 (Rs 4.5 lakh in India) and Kawasaki Z650 (Rs 6.6 lakh in India) are relatively more affordable.

However, the suzuki gsx 8r bangladesh price may vary based on:

  • Importing individually vs dealership imports
  • Customs duties and import costs
  • Demand and supply dynamics
  • Currency exchange rates

Ultimately, the GSX-8R is expected to command a premium price but still remain accessible to middleweight bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Colour Options of Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh

Based on the international model, the following color options are likely to be available for the Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh:

  • Glass Sparkle Black/Metallic Matte Black
  • Metallic Reflective Blue/Metallic Matte Blue
  • Pearl Brilliant White/Metallic Matte Star Silver

The striking dual-tone combinations accentuate the modern and sporty appeal of this motorcycle. Buyers looking to make a style statement will appreciate these vibrant colorways.

Is Suzuki GSX-8R Available in Bangladesh?

As of early 2023, the Suzuki GSX-8R is NOT officially available in the Bangladeshi market through authorized Suzuki dealerships or any parallel legal imports.

But some units of the GSX-8R are believed to have been imported privately or via gray market imports. This means:

  • Limited availability and higher gsx 8r import Bangladesh costs
  • No official warranty or service support from Suzuki Bangladesh
  • Issues during registration due to lack of Type Approval certification
  • Delays due to complex import procedures

Until Suzuki Bangladesh officially launches the GSX-8R, obtaining one will require navigating the ambiguities of importing it privately. Availability will also remain low.

Suzuki GSX-8R Ownership Experience

Though still a relatively new model globally, early owners have shared mostly positive feedback about riding the Suzuki GSX-8R, especially in international reviews. Here are some key highlights about the ownership experience:

Performance and Handling

  • Linear power delivery and tractable low-end torque make it easy to ride at low RPMs
  • Nimble handling and lightweight chassis inspire confidence during daily commutes and weekend rides
  • Capable suspension takes on uneven and broken roads without losing composure

Comfort and Ergonomics

  • Reasonably comfortable rider triangle reduces fatigue compared to committed supersport bikes
  • Wide handlebars and slightly rear-set pegs find a balance between sporty and comfortable
  • Pillion seat space is decent though not ideal for long rides

Technology and Features

  • Advanced electronics like traction control and riding modes enhance safety
  • Quickshifter enables smooth clutchless shifts for effortless performance
  • LCD console provides clear visibility of all essential data
  • LED headlights offer bright illumination during night rides

Ownership Experience Challenges

  • Lack of official service support without local launch
  • Spare parts may be difficult and expensive to source
  • High displacement taxes on middleweight imports
  • Inadequate clearance for Indian highways may limit top-speed

Ideal Usage

  • Daily city commuting thanks to torquey engine and nimble handling
  • Weekend rides on twisty roads to enjoy sporty chassis and performance
  • Experienced riders looking for supersport experience at lower price point

Alternatives to Consider

The lack of an official presence for the Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh means ownership could pose challenges. Some alternatives bike enthusiasts can consider include:

  • Yamaha MT-07 – Officially available through importers
  • Kawasaki Z650 – Relatively affordable options
  • Suzuki GSX-S750 – Brand service support available
  • Honda CBR650R – Established Honda dealer network

Ownership Costs

Here is a breakdown of the estimated ownership costs for an imported Suzuki GSX-8R over 5 years:

On-road Price16 lakh BDT
Insurance25,000 BDT per year
Registration and taxes50,000 BDT approx
Service Costs6,000 BDT per service, 2 services per year
Spares and Consumables20,000 BDT per year
Depreciation30% over 5 years

Total 5 Year Cost: Around 21 lakh BDT

The significant import costs, lack of local support, and depreciation make overall ownership of the GSX-8R an expensive proposition.

Verdict – Is Suzuki GSX-8R Worth Importing to Bangladesh?

For motorcycle enthusiasts in Bangladesh, the Suzuki GSX-8R presents an exciting opportunity to own a globally-acclaimed middleweight sportbike. However, its lack of official entry into the market raises practical concerns.


  • Modern twin cylinder performance and handling
  • Comprehensive electronics and features
  • Compelling value vs litre-class superbikes


  • No official launch or support yet
  • Limited availability and high import price
  • Expensive maintenance without service network

Given the challenges, the Suzuki GSX-8R makes the most sense for experienced riders who have the appetite for a premium sportbike and the acumen to navigate the uncertainties of private imports. Novices are better served by more accessible alternatives.

While local launch could improve prospects, the GSX-8R remains a coveted prize for performance enthusiasts even in its current form, if purchased judiciously.

Frequently Asked Questions on Suzuki GSX-8R Bangladesh

Here are some common queries potential buyers have about the Suzuki GSX-8R in the Bangladesh market:

Q1. What are the alternatives to the Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh?

Some good alternatives to consider are the Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki Z650, Kawasaki Ninja 650, and Suzuki GSX-S750. These models have an official presence and better support.

Q2. What is the on-road price of Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh?

The estimated on-road price of a privately imported Suzuki GSX-8R in Bangladesh is around 15-20 lakh BDT. This factors in customs, registration, and other import costs.

Q3. Is the Suzuki GSX-8R legal to ride in Bangladesh?

Without an official Type Approval certification, the GSX-8R’s legality for public use is unclear. There is risk of fines or even temporary bans.

Q4. Does Suzuki GSX-8R come with ABS in Bangladesh?

Yes, the Suzuki GSX-8R comes equipped with ABS as standard. This improves braking safety, especially for daily riding usage.

Q5. What is the fuel efficiency of Suzuki GSX-8R?

Owners report a fuel efficiency of around 18-22 kmpl in combined city and highway usage. This may vary based on riding style.

Q6. What engine oil grade is recommended for Suzuki GSX-8R?

Suzuki recommends SAE 10W-40 or 10W-50 grade JASO MA lubricants for the GSX-8R engine, changed every 6000 kms.

Q7. Can I get spare parts for imported GSX-8R in Bangladesh?

Spare parts will have to be imported individually as needed. Aftermarket parts compatibility is unclear. This can make maintenance expensive.

Q8. Does the GSX-8R come with a slipper clutch?

Yes, the bi-directional quick-shifter on the GSX-8R works in conjunction with a standard back-torque limiting slipper clutch.

Q9. What is the seat height of Suzuki GSX-8R?

The GSX-8R has a seat height of 810 mm. This may be manageable for average height riders in Bangladesh. Lower or tall options are not available.

Q10. Does Suzuki GSX-8R have riding modes?

Yes, the Suzuki GSX-8R comes equipped with 3 default riding modes – A, B and C. These allow the rider to modify power delivery and engine braking as needed.


The arrival of the Suzuki GSX-8R has certainly stirred up excitement amongst motorcycle enthusiasts in Bangladesh seeking middleweight performance. However, its lack of official entry means ownership is not straightforward. While rewarding for some, the practicalities and costs should be carefully evaluated beforehand.

Riders must ensure thorough research and preparation before pursuing private imports. Proper documentation is mandatory for legal use. Weigh the pros and cons, usage needs, and alternatives before deciding if the Suzuki GSX-8R is worth the endeavor.

With patience, diligence, and prudence, the GSX-8R can prove a prized possession for performance-oriented riders in Bangladesh despite its unconventional entry. As Suzuki’s famed GSX-R legacy trickles down to the middleweight class, the appeal of the GSX-8R is unlikely to diminish anytime soon.

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